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iPhone & iPad Table & Wall Stand

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The most popular and flexible stand in the SLYK Collection. The Table & Wall Stand for phones and tablets is designed to be used on any table, desk, worktop or horizontal surface. It can also be lifted from the surface and attached to any wall with a simple wall-bracket.

Flexible, practical, and long-lasting.

Practical, beautiful design

Created as an iPad and iPhone stand for desks, tables and walls, it holds your device with a rotating ‘head’ at the top of a smooth flexible arm. Together, these allow you to position your tablet or smartphone at the perfect angle for comfortable use, rotating easily from portrait to landscape as needed.

Your device is held in place using a revolutionary ‘nano-suction’ material that contains minute air-pockets that grip your device, meaning that any device with a smooth surface can be held firmly. The base, made of reinforced silicone, is safe and smooth and the tray it forms is a perfect place to store your keys, pen, coins, headphones or watches while you use the device.

Robust, durable, and adaptable - the tablet & phone stand for desk use.

Unlike so many other products on the market today, SLYK products are built to last. As the best home appliances should be, they are made of high-quality materials, kept simple in construction, fully functional and designed to be used by all the family. This means that SLYK products are safe, durable and easy to keep clean. Our products have been carefully tested to ensure they will survive the rigours of everyday family use, in busy homes.

Simple, elegant and stylish. Easy to use and maintain.

From the high-quality materials to the simple self-assembly, from the beautiful shapes and forms of the device stands themselves to their easy-to-clean designs. Our innovative use of technology and materials have created a range of robust, well-designed tablet and phone stands that you will enjoy owning, using and displaying all around your home.

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