We hope we can help our customers by answering some of your frequently asked questions below.

Where does the name SLYK come from?

SLYK, is derived from the word sleek – which, when applied to an object, means elegant, refined, fine-lined, smart, smooth and expensive looking. Our products are sleek for sure. Elegant, smooth appliances you will be proud to have in your home. Bringing comfort to the smart way of living, we say.

What does SLYK do?

SLYK manufactures beautiful Apple certified charging stations for the home, plus a range of complementary, contemporary, elegant, attractive, robust and practical stands that support your phones and tablets, enabling hassle-free, hands-free device use, all around the home.

The SLYK Collection includes unique, design-protected and patent-pending device stands, that open up a wide-range of opportunities for using your devices at home, wherever you may be, hands-free. Whether your phones or your tablets, in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the bedroom, or anywhere around the home – SLYK has the solution to comfortable use of all your devices. Using nano-suction technology and genius design, our device stands provide simple practical solutions to using all your devices hands-free around the home

The charging stations are desirable home-appliances, that match your home décor whilst looking beautiful, charging and holding all your family’s Apple iPhones in one neat, well-organised place, without the need for cables and from a single wall power-socket. Allowing simultaneous charging of six i-Phones and a further two devices via USB, each SLYK charging station will make the challenge of home-charging today a comfortable, easy process in the future.

When did SLYK start up and when will products be fully available?

The ideas for SLYK were born in 2015. It has been four years in development and now SLYK, as a brand, has been launched in late 2019.

Our plan is for all our products in the initial ‘SLYK Collection’ to be available to ship to customers world-wide in 2020, with initial pre-market launch and advanced pre-ordering available to our early-bird customers, offering excellent discounts, from January 2020.

As a start-up, we are looking to establish the brand and deliver products that our customers want, asking our customers to help us develop by advance-ordering some of our products, much in the same way as ‘crowdfunded’ products might, but using our own web-site as the place customers pre-order amazing, innovative and unique products.

Will SLYK products be available worldwide?

Our target markets are the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA. However, we believe that with modern warehousing and fulfilment systems will allow us to deliver the products anywhere in the world. Initially, we will be trialling customers in the UK and Europe, inviting them to buy some of our products in advance of their manufacture and depending on our levels of success with this activity, we will open our systems to be able to market to the rest of the territories and the rest of the world.  Our unique Pillow Stand is available now and the remainder of the stands and the Charging Station (in black) will be available mid 2020. 

What colours of SLYK products will be available for customers to buy?

We are producing three versions of the Apple i-Phone Charging Station initially, to give an opportunity for it to match home-décor, with marble, walnut and black finishes.

Initially, our device stands will only be available in black. We plan to produce the range in white and grey, plus other fashionable colours, once we have won our customers’ affection for our products.

Like Henry Ford once said of his Model T car, “You can have any colour you like, as long as it is black.”

Which family runs the SLYK business?

The Maile family, hailing from London and Kent, England, UK, runs the SLYK business. Led by Adrian and Hilary, and supported by their four daughters, Louise, Beckie, Sammie and Vicki, plus other relatives such as Peter Hopgood and some close family friends, the business is one that firmly believes in the power of family and community. Using our hand-picked, international team of world-class designers, manufacturers, product experts and supply-chain specialists, we aim to create a global business, paying its taxes in-full, in Britain.

Is SLYK a British business and are the products made in Britain?

SLYK is a British business, run by British family, based in Britain and paying its taxes in Britain. We are proud to be British, but we are an internationally experienced group of people. We have run businesses across the world within larger corporations and we understand that businesses today have to be able to play in global markets to be truly great, sustainable businesses.

SLYK products are invented and designed in Britain and the company is based in Britain, in London, England. We do however, work very closely with partner companies, that are based in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Europe, Thailand and the United States, to make sure we deliver excellence and value for money for our customers globally. In London, we have one of the most culturally diverse populations of any city in the world, so we are used to working ‘internationally.’ We seek and use the very best talent we can find, regardless of where these people come from.

What does SLYK do in terms of ‘giving back’?

SLYK is committed to annually donate 10% of its global profits to be shared by two fantastic British charities. Barnardo’s and The Alzheimer’s Society. The SLYK Collection will help families in living their smart lives and make family homes neater and tidier, bringing comfort to the smart way of living today, whilst our charitable donations will help those people less fortunate, both the young, by supporting the children helped by Barnardo’s and the often lonely and elderly people battling Alzheimer’s Disease. We hope that we can make a difference, with your help and support we surely will.

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