About SLYK

Bringing Comfort to the Smart Way of Living

Why does SLYK exist?

In late 2015, we started sketching out some ideas for products that we wished we already owned. Products that would make using smartphones and tablets at home, easier, more enjoyable and more comfortable. Stands and then a charging station that would make it easy to use and charge our devices.

As a large extended family, using many hand-held devices, our home was becoming overrun with their charging cables and the devices themselves. Phones and tablets became perched on every surface and there was never a mains electricity socket free when one was needed, even to boil the kettle.

Charging cables would frequently fail, or break, or just disappear.  They were forever being moved and ‘borrowed.’ Everyone started writing their initials on things to try to protect them as their own, but they still went walkabouts and got mislaid. Our expensive, treasured devices got broken or knocked onto hard floors and damaged. On almost every device at one stage, the screen was cracked. People just continued to use them because the repairs were too expensive. It was not a great situation.

Everyone in the family got so frustrated with the problems that we started looking to buy solutions, but all the products we found were either cheap and broke easily, didn’t work properly or were ridiculously expensive, so we sat down and thought about what the problems really were and how we might solve them.

The results of nearly five years of our design and development work are now coming to reality. SLYK products will all be available for our customers in 2020 and we have realised that now the fun is really starting as we see customers enjoying the first of our products and the positive feedback we have had in the media.

We believe that the ‘SLYK Collection’ will be popular with everyone who owns a smartphone or tablet, particularly for families, but also professionals for use at work and for companies who want to offer their employees practical and productivity-enhancing technology. We belie we have created products that fit into a new category that we call ‘SmartWare.’ Simple technology that makes using modern phones and tablets easier and more pleasurable. 

What drives our team?

Our passion to build a family business that will make people’s lives at home better.

We really enjoy creating elegant and functional consumer products to help everyone to use their smart-phones and tablets more easily and comfortably, especially at home. We want to address the problems with holding and charging your devices and keeping them safe from being damaged. As we say, “SLYK brings comfort to the smart way of living.” 

The strong belief that we have great solutions to modern-day problems and that there is a huge market opportunity.

In our family and across the UK and other developed economies, smartphones and tablets are now so common that for anyone not to have at least one is unusual. Everyone now uses their devices frequently, some for several hours each day, almost always holding it in their hands. It is unusual for people to use stands for their devices, especially at home, because we believe there are few practical, high-quality stands available for home use. We felt there was a market, albeit a new one, and we termed the product family we created as being ‘SmartWare.’

Going hands-free will be good for humanity.

Doing so will reduce the addictive nature of smart devices and encourage more people to use them intermittently. Smart devices have changed the very fabric of our behaviour and the way we live. However, their adoption has been rapid and the effects of over-use have yet to be studied fully, but there are growing concerns that over-use might have long-term negative effects on people’s well-being. By holding the device all the time, the temptation is to use it even more frequently, by going hands-free users will be more likely to use voice-operation and less likely to become habitual, meaning less screen-time consumed and occasional rather than continuous use.

Our ambition

We are ambitious and want to create a British high-tech success story to be proud of. We plan to build and grow a very successful business and become a well-recognised brand worldwide.

Our business

In 2016 MultiMediaMate Ltd was set up as a company to hold our patents, design registrations, and intellectual property.  In 2018, we set up SLYK LTD as our trading company, along with the SLYK® brand, which is our registered trademark in the UK and EU.

What are the problems that SLYK products solve?

We have designed and created and are now manufacturing some ingenious solutions to what was, we felt very common household problems.

Charging challenges

The frustration of your device running out of battery charge, the hassle of finding a free wall-socket, or the special plug required to go in it, or the charging lead with the correct plug, that works. Are you fed up with the kitchen worktop being covered with leads, unsightly cables, and plugs? Do your charging cables disappear, like socks and teaspoons do?

Modern devices are easily damaged

How many of you have cracked your glass screen or back of your smartphone? If you do put your device down when in use, you probably leave the device on a surface where it can be accidentally damaged or knocked onto the floor, or worse.

Hand-held use demands the use of both hands 

The most basic problem is that one of your hands is needed just to hold your device. You don’t drive holding your phone, so why would you hold it while cooking, listening to music, watching a video, etc. The main reason you do is that you have no option unless you have a device stand that holds the phone or you prop it up somehow.

There are few stands and charging stations out there that do the job

 Elegant, robust, and practical device stands don’t exist unless you want to put one on your car dashboard, windsurfer board, or bicycle handlebars. There are just not enough high-quality, attractive, robust, functional stands that hold the device firmly and work for all devices. 

Poor posture and physical stress

 Smart devices that are hand-held, naturally cause the user to look down, creating tension in the neck and shoulders, and lead to poor posture.

Over-use of and addiction to smart devices 

Studies have shown that smart devices are commonly being over-used. SLYK believes that the habit of holding devices, rather than leaving them supported in a stand, causes people to use them more often. A shift towards voice operation and not touching the phone, made more likely when using a stand, will reduce the amount of time people spend simply browsing and checking-in on social media, news, and messaging apps.  Having a visible, centralised charging platform in the home will also encourage parents to ensure that their children’s devices are left in one visible place, safely on charge overnight, rather than being taken to bed for late-night communications.

How does SLYK bring comfort to the smart way of living?

Our designer stands allow you to use your devices easily, hands-free.

Most device stands are cheap, ugly, and poorly made, usually of plastic.  They break easily and they don’t work with all devices.  They are fiddly and often unreliable, failing to hold your device or stay put where secured. SLYK products are unique, ingeniously designed stands that will support ALL your smart devices anywhere at home while travelling or at work – allowing you to comfortably use them hands-free – safely and securely. 


Our patent-pending lock-jaw grip mechanism and space-age nano-suction pads ensure your phone or tablet will be held firmly in place, allowing you to use it hands-free with the minimum of fuss, anywhere. No magnets, clips, or easily breakable parts. Simple, ingenious stands that are beautifully made and enable you to really enjoy using your devices hands-free. You will wonder how you ever managed without them.


SLYK stands are fully adjustable, work in all settings at home, and at work, and are designed to be easy to use, infinitely adjustable, and to provide the most comfortable position for the device for the user to enjoy. No more looking down, less stiff necks, no need to prop your device up at awkward angles, no need to use both hands all the time. Comfortable, stress-free, and safe device use.

What's next for SLYK?

We are concentrating on building our e-commerce business and finding ways to fund the development of the business and advance its products. Your support in pre-ordering SLYK products will allow us to offer you highly useful, life-enhancing products at a great value, whilst being able to grow our business to the scale we believe it can reach. For us the cost of manufacturing is enormous, so we need to pre-sell, ideally.

We may well launch a product crowdfunding campaign for our beautifully designed and Apple MFi-certified Charging Station, so please keep an eye out for this.

We believe our customers will support us because our market testing shows that there is a great demand for our innovative products. We will do our best to make the experience of pre-ordering, buying, and using our products an outstanding pleasure for our customers.

With your help and support, SLYK will charge the world and bring comfort to the smart way of living, and all our hard work will bring some value to our customers and their families.

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