The SLYK Collection

Matching elegance and beautiful design with high-quality engineering. You will be proud to own, display and use your unique charging station and device stands across your home.

The SLYK™ Collection

Matching elegance, beautiful design and high-quality engineering. You will be proud to own, display and use our unique charging station and device stands, across your home.

Pillow Stand

A brilliantly simple tablet & phone pillow stand, with a patent-pending, the SLYK Pillow Stand is incredibly versatile. This iPhone and iPad cushion stand will fit most cushions and pillows around your home using its quickly adjustable strap. Allowing you to use your tablet or phone wherever you sit or lay, safely and comfortably, totally hands-free.

Table & Wall Stand

The most popular, flexible and useable tablet and phone stand in the SLYK® Collection. This tablet and phone stand can be used on any table, desk, worktop or horizontal surface, holding your device with a nano-suction fronted, rotating ‘head’. The sculpted tray-base, made of reinforced silicone is safe and smooth, a perfect place to store your keys, pen or watch while you use your device. The stand can also be lifted from the surface and attached to any wall using the included wall-bracket.


Bathroom Stand

The elegant, smooth, non-scratch SLYK Bathroom Stand allows you to safely stand your phone or tablet in the bathroom, or anywhere that demands a simple, secure hold on the device in a viewing position. The device holding area includes a small ‘valley’ in its front, enabling access to your device’s home button when used in portrait mode. The tray provides plenty of room for items like your jewellery, purse or wallet, glasses, coins, keys and watch.

Floor Stand

The SLYK Floor Stand is the perfect home accessory for when you need to use your smartphone or tablet hands-free, in an elevated position, when you have nothing to rest it on comfortably. Whether in bed, seated, or standing, the Floor Stand works anywhere because it is height-adjustable. It is ideal for watching films or playing games on your device when a horizontal surface isn’t available.

Charging Station

Our beautiful Apple-certified, Multi-iPhone Charging Station is designed with the modern home in mind. No longer will cables, plugs and devices need to clutter your worktops, thanks to our unique family charging station.

Designed as a practical charging dock for multiple Apple iPhones, you’ll be able to charge up to six iPhones, and two other devices, all in one place safely, securely and tidily. Whilst charging all the devices are visible, so can be used easily without having to be disconnected. Being Apple-certified the charging station will communicate with your phone to ensure that is charged correctly and fully.

Available in a luxurious black-gloss finish initially, with contemporary, home-décor matching styles to be added to the range in early 2021, you will be proud to display and use our beautiful charging station in your home.

Available in November 2020, at 50% discount from RRP for our first 1,500 customers. Pre-order yours now to be one of the first to own this unique, elegant and practical ‘SmartWare’ appliance at a fantastic offer price that will not be repeated.


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