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Bathroom Stand

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The elegant, smooth, non-scratch SLYK Tablet and Phone Bathroom Stand allows you to safely use your smart device in the bathroom, or anywhere that demands a simple, secure hold on the device in its viewing position.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 19.35 × 27.05 × 6.65 cm

Black, Mint Green, Pink

Smooth, generously sized and non-scratching – a tablet and phone stand for bathroom use

Elegantly sculpted simplicity

The Bathroom Stand was designed as the simplest of all the SLYK stands.  One that would firmly hold devices in places where one would least like them to fall, like in a bathroom.  This stand is a beautifully-sculpted silicone tray, with a stainless steel core.  Soft to the touch, easy to clean and kind to your bathroom fittings.

Everyday practicality with style

The Bathroom Stand is large enough to cater for your tablet or your smartphone, holding it safely in 'jaws' carefully engineered for this exact purpose. The tray-like base provides plenty of room to rest items like your wallet, keys and watch.

Catch up on the news or current affairs whilst you bathe, shave or pamper, knowing that your device is safely and securely held in place.

Simple, smooth, safe

  • Smooth, soft, silicone shell, with a stainless steel interior
  • Simple and practical, the ideal docking station for your bathroom
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