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The unique, patent-pending, pillow stand is SLYK’s most innovative and versatile stand. It provides a secure stand for tablets and smart phone devices that can be used anywhere with comfort. Secured by an adjustable strap to any typical cushion or pillow sizes, it becomes the ultimate stand for holding your device whilst you unwind. It can even be used without a pillow, as a desk stand by fanning and folding the strap underneath.

The unique, ‘at-leisure’ iPhone & iPad Cushion Stand from SLYK

Our focus on simple, elegant design sometimes creates the exceptional

The Pillow Stand from SLYK is genuinely unique. The first of its kind, SLYK’s beautifully designed iPhone and iPad stand attaches to any typical household cushion or pillow, by an adjustable strap.

After many iterations of design, over several years, SLYK finally created the perfect pillow stand that combines ingenuity with the simplest of structures. The result is what we believe to be the most useful, most incredible iPhone and iPad pillow stand ever manufactured and one that adults and children the world over will love using.

Simplicity itself

The Pillow Stand from SLYK is as simple as it gets, or so it might seem. Its creation was anything but simple, involving multiple designs and prototypes, the use of different materials on both the stand and the strap and several concept changes along the way. However, we are proud we accepted nothing less than perfection, because we believe we have a truly remarkable, unique invention we can now marvel at and wonder why no-one developed one before.

Sometimes, focussing on simplicity creates amazing results. We believe we have achieved something really special here, which is why it is a patent-pending design, and we know our customers agree with us. We hope you too will enjoy the freedom that our phone and tablet Pillow Stand brings to your smart way of living.

The iPad & iPhone Pillow Stand – unique, simple, adjustable, incredible.

  • Enables you to attach your devices to household cushions and pillows for ‘at-leisure’ use
  • Fully-adjustable, with a silicon-covered, stainless steel base
  • Patent -pending, unique design
  • Beautifully simple
  • Highly useable for all the family.
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