The list of things a tablet can do is ever-growing, but their crowning achievement is making everyday tasks and activities easier. We can read, watch shows, learn languages, control our household appliances, and so much more all from our tablets! It’s of no surprise that their utility also extends to the heart of the home. Tablets can also be a great help in the kitchen, streamlining and simplifying many parts of the cooking process. We’ve outlined some ways you can make the most out of your tablet in the kitchen. Hint: It’s all about finding the right tablet accessories for cooking. 

Smart scales

If you’re something of an amateur chef, you’ll know that weighing out ingredients can slow down your cooking mojo, but it’s vital to creating a successful meal. If you buy a smart scale and connect it to your iPad, cooking, especially for larger groups, can be so much easier. 
With a scale and app like the one from Drop, the weight is displayed on your tablet’s huge screen, and it can cleverly adapt your recipe and suggested measurements to suit the number of people you’re entertaining. It’s incredibly intuitive and is a practical use for your iPad’s (or other tablet’s) glorious display. The days of squinting and leaning over a tiny scale are behind us! 

Smart thermometer 

In a similar vein to smart scales, adopting a smart thermometer can make your cooking efforts far easier to monitor. You can monitor the temperature of multiple food items and see it displayed on your tablet; at just a glance you can see how your food is cooking. The Range thermometer is a great example, giving you real-time information and recommendations based on how well you’d like your food cooked. With this smart iPad cooking app, you’ll have perfectly cooked food every single time. 

Easy recipe viewing

The sheer size of most tablet screens makes viewing them a joy and reading recipes easier than ever. Combine this with one of our very own tablet stands, such as the Table & Wall stand, and you’ll have an optimal viewing angle from wherever you are. No matter how much you move around the kitchen, your beloved tablet will be safely positioned for prime viewing. 
Our Table & Wall stand is the perfect tablet stand for cooking as it allows you to secure it to either a tabletop or a wall – safely holding your iPad and keeping out of harm’s way. It’s protected from any spillages that may occur (and often do!) when you’re cooking. Having a tablet stand also means that propping up a cumbersome recipe book is a thing of the past. Plus, thanks to the internet, you have access to more recipes than you could ever dream of – you’re no longer restricted by what’s in your recipe book. The culinary possibilities are endless. 

Hands-free control

Today, you can control and instruct your devices more and more without even lifting a finger, all thanks to voice control. Although voice control is useful in numerous situations, it’s a feature that’s hard to overestimate when you’re in the kitchen. It’s likely that you’ll be so busy chopping, stirring, and mixing that having to stop and touch your tablet can feel like it’s slowing you down. 
Being able to control your tablet and all of its features just by talking out loud will save you unimaginable time and effort. Need a timer setting? Just ask and it’s done. Want to find a video tutorial of how to knead dough? Just ask and your iPad will start playing a video, thanks to its clever voice assistant Siri. Make the most of your tablet for the culinary assistant it is by harnessing the power of your voice. Once you get used to talking to a machine, you’ll choose your tablet over a sous chef every time! 


If your voice just won’t do and you need to actually touch your tablet’s screen while cooking, the chances are that your hands are a mess and your tablet is going to end up caked in, well, cake. Avoid this altogether by using a stylus. While some are rather expensive, and you probably wouldn’t want to touch them with food-covered hands, you can buy other styluses for a very affordable price. The GOJI GSTYBK14 Stylus, for example, is just £2.99 and you can keep it just for use while cooking. It’s also waterproof, allowing you to clean it properly after use. Never subject your iPad to sticky fingers ever again! 
In order for you to make the most of your tablet in the kitchen, it needs to be positioned well enough for you to see it clearly and be securely in place. Our smartphone and tablet stands are ergonomically designed for this exact purpose – comfortable viewing at all times. They’re non-intrusive and elegantly crafted to complement your home decor. Be sure to check out our range of stands and charging stations to find the right stand for you. Here at Slyk, there’s something for everyone.