It can be hard to get a moment to yourself these days. Jumping from one thing to another with a never-ending list of stuff to get done, it can feel impossible to carve out a slice of solitude. One place where we get a respite from the demands of everyday life is in the bathroom. A soak in the bath or under the shower is the perfect antidote to our hurried pace of life. 
To further help with unwinding, more people are taking their tablets or smart devices with them. Sinking down into steaming hot water, you can enjoy your favourite film or series, listen to music, or simply read an eBook. However, there is an obvious problem with this – water and smart devices don’t mix well. You’ll want to make sure you don’t damage your tablet in the bathroom – here are our top tips on how to avoid any tech mishaps while you’re in the tub. 

Don’t Hold Your Tablet 

The last thing you want is to see your tablet hit the bottom of the bathtub, especially when you’re in it. Tablets can become slippery and it’s all too easy to let one fall through your hands as you’re enjoying the latest episode of your favourite series in the bath. Use a tray across the bathtub and a waterproof holder, like Slyk’s bathroom stand, to keep your tablet upright. 

Keep Your Tablet At A Distance 

If you don’t like the idea of having your tablet hovering above your bath, then consider placing it on a stand nearby – within sight but out of the splash zone. If you’re watching a film or series, you might want to invest in some Bluetooth speakers to pair with your tablet so that you can hear clearly from a few metres away. Many tablets can also be controlled by voice today, so there’s no need to get out of the bath. 

Put Your Tablet In A Safe Position 

A tablet perched precariously against some bottles of conditioner is a recipe for disaster. Apart from ending up smashed on your bathroom floor, it could knock over anything else on the same surface. Find a level spot with plenty of space for your tablet, and secure it using a stand or holder designed specifically for the purpose, like our Bathroom Stand

Waterproof Your Tablet 

Not all tablets are waterproof. Even if you don’t drop it in the tub, your tablet could still suffer water damage through steam in the bathroom – it can enter the device and cause internal systems to deteriorate. Consider buying a waterproof case for your tablet, or avoiding spending too long under the power shower. This will help to maintain the hardware of your tablet for longer.
Spending some quality time in the bathroom, whether in the bath or under the shower, is especially restorative. It’s understandable to want to take your tablet with you can provide some entertainment as you let go of your worries. With the help of our Bathroom Stand, you’ll avoid causing any damage to your tablet whilst in the bathroom. 
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