Hi, it must be the witching hour again as I find myself wide awake whilst most of you are tucked up in bed nice and cosy dreaming the night away. I should be doing exactly that. It’s not ridiculous o’clock yet but it’s close to it. Why aren’t I asleep?

Why – this is a very good question all round. Why am I awake? I question myself, it’s as though I’m doubting my own consciousness, arguing with myself, wasting energy thinking about it. I should really bite the bullet, stop hesitating and knuckle down. Instead, in my little bit of leisure time, I find I want to chat with you.
You may ask why? Again, a very good question, it shows you have an interest be it positive or negative but awaiting an answer. Whereas, you decide to carry on, listen, join in, participate by entertaining, and encourage the go-ahead to the speaker, writer in my case. Simply by someone asking why, you then are able to continue to communicate in a conversation or cut it short, carry on reading or close the page. So on and so forth, if you get my gist. I hope you don’t shut the page on me, we’ve only just begun our journey together and there’s plenty more miles left on the road.
Why, why, why? I love that question. It’s a sentence in itself and can be a power of strength one way or another. It can be answered in so many ways. The choices of how one comes across to another. Why do we do this? Why do we do that? Why did they say this or that? Why do you need to know? Why do they go there? The list goes on.
Let’s go back to where I started. Why am I awake? Simple answer, I had a nap while the sun was shining earlier today, now yesterday. I call this “having a day-day” when the opportunity allows me that is 😉 The term day-day makes sense to me, when you go to sleep in the evening you say “night-night” so there you have it. Should I miss out on a day-day and go to bed at a sensible time? YES, but sometimes, like a lot of us, we get in the mood to get and do. We need to rest when we can, our bodies tell us. ‘Listen to your body,’ as the saying goes. Not that life often allows us to. Saying that sometimes I work through exhaustion and continue to do so throughout and well into the early hours of the morning. Not that I suggest this is a good approach to life or a solution to get things done.
I talk about ‘why’ this week, why? because it’s a good subject. Why can be a serious question to yourself? Many times and quite often I ask myself :
Why are we running a family business?
Why have we put extra stress on ourselves?
Why is our family business so time-consuming?
Why am I working so hard?
Why are we taking risks?
Why am I not booking holidays and not getting my nails regularly manicured, etc?
Many why’s and many more. We all, I’m sure, question ourselves at some point.
Well, I have thought about all the why’s long and hard. I obviously want our family business to succeed, how successful SLYK will be is up to us, and you, our community. Our community and our customers are our fuel for growth, as in all businesses, which is why we work our best and offer our best in our products. Without satisfied customers, which we aim to achieve in every way, there is no business.
So, thank you to every customer of ours for purchasing our goods. I hope you enjoy them and they bring you the benefits we designed them to deliver.
How successful will SLYK be? How successful is SLYK? How successful can SLYK become? How successful do we want SLYK to be?
Being successful is a measure of your own choice. Your choices are your decisions, everyone’s are different. Our success is knowing that our customers enjoy our SLYK range of products. Our new and existing customers mean everything to us. Without you and you and you, there is no SLYK. I thank you again for being our customer or for even thinking about becoming one.
Ok, so I was going to talk about hand positioning this week, but hey, I’ve rabbited on a bit on the whys. I will chat about this in my next blog along with posture. I am a pilates instructor, for me, your body’s alignment is important.
It is a ridiculous time now at 5 am, it’s shut-eye time for me. Enjoy your week ahead. Goodbye for now.