Hello friends, family & fellow members, my name is Hilary, Hils for short, wife of Adrian Maile, the founder of SLYK.

I’m up late, which isn’t unusual as that seems to be happening quite a lot lately. Is it because I’m stressed? No, is it because I am worried? No, is it because I have a lot on my mind, maybe but hey-ho today’s problems are tomorrow’s history, well is it that I drink too much coffee? Possibly, but I think not, it’s because I’m married to an entrepreneur, during the day he doesn’t relax which means I can’t relax either, during the night he’s asleep, I’m awake and relaxing, phew lol.  

So, I think to myself, how can I engage with our SLYK audience, you know, converse with our SLYK community, which is you and our group of members with you and us. I say you because each member we have, is as important as the next and we are so grateful that you have joined in to support us. I always say to my husband that we must make our work fun, fun is the way forward, this is the way we support each other, I am sure you would agree with me.

You may have already purchased one of our products, if so, I hope you are enjoying it, tell me your thoughts of it or them, if you haven’t, maybe you’re thinking of your order as to which of our many hands-free stands would suit you best, I can understand the decision could be challenging as all SLYK stands are just fabulous in every way. Less of the marketing chat now and down to reality. I was chatting to my husband earlier today, about our family business because that is what we have chatted about tremendously since we first started our SLYK journey five years ago. So, let me tell you my thoughts, encouraged by Adrian, Age as I call him. Ok, I like writing stories, captions as my daughters inform me, I like to involve all my readers so they feel a part, a part of what’s real, my husband thought my personal stories should be a blog why not?! I thought I would love you to be with us and follow our journey, our past, present, and future.  

There is always so much going on so I’ve decided to tell you of all our experiences bit by bit each week, good, bad or indifferent, the truth behind the business, the real down to earth meaty stuff, I’d like you to join me as I share all my memories as a wife and a colleague. It’s not an easy task by far, I will tell you my version as the weeks go by in my weekly diary SLYK blog.  

There is a lot of catching up to do, “They say” the best time to start is at the beginning, the beginning of our blog is now, not five years ago, soz about that, so here we go but for the moment it’s shut-eye time as its 5 am and I’m extremely fatigued and ready for bed….my relaxing has been achieved! Never mind, more tales to tell next week.  

Good night all, I will chat more on my next blog, looking forward to it.