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Multi-iPhone Charging Station

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Pre-order* Discount for delivery March 2021

Charge up to six iPhones and two other devices simultaneously, with our elegant and robust SLYK Apple Charging Station. 

*Pre-ordering SLYK products secures exceptional Pre-Order discounts, which will not be available after the product is generally available. Product availability dates are based on currently planned manufacturing schedules and subject to change.  If availability dates do change we will inform you, and if a date is delayed we will offer you the option of a full refund for the products you have pre-ordered, that have been delayed.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 20.9 × 5 cm

Black (black), White Walnut with Silver trim (Silver), White Marble with Gold trim (Gold)

Charge up to six iPhones and two other Apple devices with the SLYK Apple Charging Station.

Innovative design

Our world-class design team has created unique and innovative product designs, approved and certified by Apple, using only the highest quality materials. Our design philosophy ensures our products are highly functional, match your home decor and even match the device shape itself. We applied a consistent, tidy and harmonious ‘design language’ across the full range of products. It’s the perfect Apple charging station for multiple devices.

Our iPhone charging station incorporates a one-finger-operated, unique design, trap-door device, that ensures the ‘lightning plug’ is kept clean and out-of-sight, when not in use. When open, the trap-door provides a back rest for each iPhone and the station allows multiple iPhones to be charged in this way, simultaneously, with all the phones' screens remaining visible whilst charging, and that's another unique feature.

Multi Charging Station in contemporary designs to match home décor

Enjoy contemporary styling and the same high-quality materials across all of our iPhone and iPad charging stations.

Meet the charging needs of your whole family with our stylish solution. We created a range of designs that will suit your home decor and charge up to eight Apple and non-Apple devices with just one plug socket. Staying connected has never been so easy.

Pre-order Now

Be one of the first families to own this beautiful, elegant and practical home appliance. Pre-order it today and secure the discounted ‘early-bird’ offer price - a 50% discount off the RRP.  This offer will only last until the first 1,500 are sold and we are approaching that target. No more mess or untidy cables, keep your devices charged and free-up your plug sockets for what they were designed for. We believe that the SLYK Family Charging Station provides the ultimate solution for charging multiple devices around the home.

The SLYK Collection aims to enhance your home.  All our products are designed to support the device intensive lifestyle that modern families now lead. Join us in making your smarter way of living more comfortable and enjoyable.  Don't delay, pre-order yours today.

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