Coronavirus has just been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It’s spreading alarmingly quickly across the world, and there’s a large-scale global effort to get the virus under control. All we can do as individuals is take precautions and regularly wash our hands. One thing that many people aren’t talking about is disinfecting our mobile phones and tablets. We all know to use sanitizer after going on public transport or using doors in a busy area; but our phones, the devices most of us touch more than anything else each day, often go uncleaned without a second thought. Here are some tips for cleaning your phone (without damaging it) and staying safe while coronavirus is still a threat. 
The latest research suggests that coronavirus can survive on surfaces such as glass, plastic, and metal for as long as nine days. What do those materials have in common? Every mobile phone and tablet on the planet is made from at least one of them. Since we touch our phones several – sometimes thousands – of times per day, it’s important that we clean them often. We’ll be focussing on phones in this article, but all of these tips apply to tablets too. 
Until recently, Apple had advised against customers using cleaning products on their iPhones and iPads because there was a chance that the coating on the screens could be damaged by the chemical. However, in light of current events, Apple have updated their cleaning recommendations
Before cleaning your phone, turn it off and make sure it’s not plugged in. Then, use disinfectant wipes to gently wipe the entirety of the device – don’t miss a spot! It’s recommended that you use wipes that have 70% isopropyl alcohol content, such as Steroplast or Azowipes, or Clorox and Lysol products in the US. Using a wipe will not only disinfect the device, but it will also help to physically remove dirt and dust (and unsightly fingerprints!). 
Some people advocate the use of bleaches and sprays, with one study suggesting that a solution of 0.1% bleach and 62%-71% ethanol is the most effective method of disinfecting. Never spray it directly on the device, spray it onto a cloth first and use the cloth to wipe down the device. Be careful not to get any liquid in any of the ports or speaker grills of the phone – even if it’s a waterproof device. However, it’s important to note that Apple advises against this on their devices, so it might be best to stick to using wipes. 
When wiping your device down, be sure not to use any rough materials – even paper towels can cause small scratches on some phone screens. Use soft, lint-free cloths to ensure you aren’t damaging your device as you clean it. And be gentle – don’t scrub or use any excessive force – the chemicals are doing the cleaning work, no brute strength is required. Being forceful may cause you to scratch or even drop your device. 
Following these steps can help you minimise the risk of being infected with coronavirus or spreading it to those around you. It’s a good idea to regularly wipe down your devices anyway, but even more so now. One of the benefits of using a SLYK stand is that you don’t need to constantly touch your device while using it. Simply pop it on the stand while you recline and enjoy your favourite show or ebook instead of having to physically hold it up. Check out our entire product range to find the right stand for you. 
For more information on Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit reputable healthcare websites only. We’ve listed some below: