The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. In the UK, as elsewhere, the public is being encouraged to remain indoors to prevent the spread of this disease. With everyone on lockdown for at least the next few weeks, the tech we own is going to be fundamental in keeping us productive, fit, safe and sound. Here are our top suggestions on the best apps to see you through self-isolation. 


This app has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few weeks, being used in everything from kids parties to televised parliamentary briefings. Zoom is a simple-to-use video conferencing app that allows people to phone in to a meeting on any device. It’s free and intuitive – perfect for those who find themselves working remotely for the first time. 


With social contact restricted to the bare essentials, many out there will be feeling isolated. Houseparty is an app which has been used for a while by Gen Z but is rapidly gaining traction with people of all ages. In essence, it’s just a video-calling app which notifies you each time one of your contacts is ‘in the house’. Once you access the app, you’re in the house and available to chat. The more interesting part is that any of your contacts, or those of the person or people you’re on a call with, can also enter the ‘call’, providing for some random and entertaining exchanges. If the talk runs dry, there are also a number of interactive games and quizzes you can play with your friends. 


The wildly-popular gym clothing company has branched out into the fitness apps market, and is currently offering all of their home workouts for free. Despite all of the instructors looking as if they’ve stepped straight out of Instagram, the workouts are actually quite do-able and don’t require any equipment beyond a few common household items. No excuses for getting out of shape, then. 


The pressures of everyday life are enough without having to deal with a house full of screaming kids and constantly fluctuating uncertainty. Good mental health habits will be key in seeing us through this period, and the meditation app Headspace is here to help. It’s made many of its guided meditations free for the time being, including ones specifically focused on working from home, dealing with kids, and keeping calm in stressful situations. 

Netflix Party 

Regardless of our best intentions, it’s likely that we’re all going to wind up in front of Netflix for quite some time in the coming weeks. And rather than chatting to your friends about what you’re watching, you can actually share the experience with them. Netflix Party allows multiple users to sync their Netflix accounts and watch the same film or series in sync. There is one controversial drawback, however – every person has the ability to pause and rewind whatever you’re all watching. Be prepared for arguments. 
This lockdown period is difficult but necessary. As we stay indoors to halt the spread of coronavirus, we need to adapt our habits to keep fit, healthy, and productive. With these five essential lockdown apps, you’ll be sure to make it through with minimal disruption. 

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