More and more people are listening to books rather than reading them. In fact, the consulting firm Deloitte predicts that the audiobook industry is set to grow by 25% this year globally, overtaking eBooks. 
It’s easy to see why they’re so popular. Listening to an audiobook is a simple, flexible way to get your fix of fiction or learn about a new topic. You can listen anywhere you want – whether that be on the morning commute or cooking dinner in the kitchen. 
With the spoken word gaining so much traction, it’s worth asking – what’s the best app audiobook app? Here’s our take on the best ones to download for iOS. 

#1 – Audible

The undisputed champion of audiobook apps is still Amazon’s Audible. For a set fee you’re given one credit per month, which you can exchange for any one of over 100,000 titles on the platform – including the latest bestsellers. If you find yourself racing through your monthly book, you can always purchase more credits, or switch to listening to one of the many free podcasts available. 
Cost – £7.99 a month 


#2 – Apple Books 

Re-designed and re-launched in 2018, the Apple Books app offers a similarly-sized library of audiobooks. It differs from Audible in that it offers both eBooks and audible books, and it still lacks a subscription service – this can make it pricier to use. What it loses in value, though, it gains in usability. The app is very well-designed, with a polished user experience that’s easy to navigate. 
Cost – Free to download (cost dependant on individual book) 


#3 – Google Play Books 

The third tech giant to offer audiobooks is Google, with its Google Play Books app. It has much the same to offer as its equivalent from Apple, but differs in style. The app is very simple to use but some may find its minimalist aesthetic too plain. In terms of usability, it has a ‘Smart Resume’ feature that rewinds to the start of a sentence when you resume listening after pausing.  
Cost – Free to download (cost dependant on individual book) 


#4 – Scribd 

Despite focusing more on delivering newspapers and magazines from around the world, Scribd also offers a selection of audiobooks, all of which you can access through a monthly subscription. In contrast to Audible, where you can only download one book each month, with Scribd you can listen to as many as you want. The drawback is that your choice is much more limited and you only have access for as long as you are a member. 
Cost – $8.99 per month


#5 Blinkist 

This app is for those tight on time or that don’t have the attention to get through a whole audible book. Blinkist breaks works of non-fiction down to miniature audio chapters no longer than 2 minutes in length. A book that takes 14 hours to listen to on Audible can take as little as 20 minutes on Blinkist, as only the essential information is retained. With a monthly subscription, you can listen to everything on the platform’s library, which currently counts over 3,000 titles. 
Cost – £59.99 a year or £9.99 a month 
It can be hard these days to squeeze in the time to sit down with your favourite book. Switching paper for headphones, though, could be the solution. 
Listening to an audiobook, you can escape to a fictional world or learn a new topic – all without stopping what you’re doing. If you’re using either an iPhone or iPad, be sure to check out one of these audiobook apps to get the best listening experience.  

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