When I eventually decided that I would share our SLYK journey, our experiences, and adventures, I wanted to do this and be an inspiration to you and capture this in my blog title. I took this seriously and thought long and hard, this felt important to me. I thought firstly, shall I call it ‘The Wife of an Entrepreneur’, but hey, what a mouthful that is. I am not just a wife, I am a soul mate, a workmate, an individual who has her own identity. I came up with a few titles, none of which I was satisfied with. The title needed to be catchy, to grab your attention, to be meaningful. I want you to want to read my blogs, to grasp its content, to be enthusiastic about it, and enjoy the read.

So anyway, ‘A Spouse’s Diary’ it became. I feel this title will want you to ask questions, maybe guess what’s happening next, to become involved and interested in the background of our family-run business. Well, that being my intention because our SLYK community means a lot to me.

Wow, that was a longwinded way to express my views about a title. Lol.

For this week, let’s discuss ‘The Entrepreneur’


Who is and what does an entrepreneur do? You may ask yourself, or you may not. Let me enlighten you, nevertheless. What does it actually mean to be an entrepreneur, their responsibilities, and professionalism? I would like to explain my personal opinion because over the past few years I have been living with one. I am sure it differs from one person to the next and that people’s visions and versions will be spoken of differently. It is not surprising, because we are all unique in our own way.

Although I am married to an entrepreneur  I could not quite pinpoint or gather in my mind what exactly one is so, to be honest, I did a little research, that combined with my knowledge would present a more detailed explanation and better information for you, hoping this would add value.

Here goes, basically, an entrepreneur is one of many things, they may be blessed naturally by having all the required qualities or have a few and obtain more as time goes forward.

How do you become an entrepreneur? A good question! Simply start with an idea, build on it to make it become a reality, make your dreams come true. You need to be committed, almost to the point where it consumes your everyday thinking and actions. You become so fixated your surrounding daily life is a blur, you are listening to people and not hearing. You are looking at objects and not seeing, you are miles away in your own world thinking of ways to always improve. Your mind is always occupied. You are absorbed in plans, almost like a trance, or in deep meditation. You function on the ounce of energy that remains, which you use wisely. You want to get a life, take a rest, fit in with the ‘norm’, but this is your life now, it is ok. Just sell your idea once to the world, then you will be able to sit back, breathe calmly, and take that well-deserved rest in the foreseeable future, a date to look forward to when the time is right. To sugar-coat the background beautifully would be like looking through rose-tinted spectacles. This is not always the case, I wish it was. Anyway, onwards and upwards, as they say.

Being your own boss, as an entrepreneur is, does not promise success but hard work helps, so might a bit of luck here and there.  Believing in your idea is a must. Being in the right place at the right time could be helpful. Follow your instincts and trust in yourself, your choices, and your capabilities. Listen to your ‘gut feeling’ it does not usually let you down. Join a network of useful connections. Have the confidence to approach those you are selling your idea to. Be stylish and on form. Allow your willpower to continue when all seems doomed, never give up. Expect the unknown and be able to conquer it with ease. Enter your empire with your eyes wide open. Your determination should prompt rewards of some kind, be ready to reap the benefits but also be careful what you wish for, a sudden burst of workload can be overwhelming, be prepared and organised in advance.

An entrepreneur is ambitious, like my hubby Age, he will want to make our SLYK business possible, large and amazing. His self-value is priceless because, to me, he is one of a kind. Running your own business can be worrying, fearful, sometimes painful, yet oddly satisfying. Age is driven and focused, he is a great leader, he pushes you to be your best. Although fair, he is also firm, reason being, there is only one way for him which is to get the plan working – failure is not an option. Mistakes will be made but you learn by your mistakes and amend appropriately. Age has a wealth of knowledge; he has had many years of work experience. He is skillful, talented, passionate, competitive, an opportunist, a perfectionist, a risk-taker, creative, independent, strong-willed, and positive.

Age’s desire is to provide his SLYK customers and audience with the utmost respect, he aims to please. Age is such a delightful and charming man. I am so very proud of him for all his efforts and worth and no matter what, I will always support him 100%, not because it is my duty as his wife, but because I want to. It is a pleasure to work with him, most of the time ;-D

To end, I want to leave you thinking about whether or not you could become an entrepreneur, if you are not one already that is, tell yourself you can. We all have hidden dreams and ideas, goals to achieve, go, and get them! They will not come to you, the world is your oyster, go grab your dream and make it a reality.

Have a great week.