Here at SLYK, we care about quality above all else. Quality materials, quality design, and quality products. As makers of high-quality smart device stands, we feel we’re in a position to discuss what makes for the best phone stand. After all, it’s what we specialise in, so we know how to spot the qualities of a sturdy and reliable stand. Instead of a list of phone stands, we thought we’d do something different and provide a collection of things to consider when choosing the best phone stand for you. 

Ergonomic design

First and foremost, the best phone stands are ergonomically designed. The aim of a phone stand is to provide a better, more comfortable experience of using your device. If it’s not designed with your comfort and posture in mind, then it fails to achieve this aim. Phone and tablet related posture problems are verging on an epidemic in the modern world, with the dreaded iHunch, in people of all ages, being a common sign. If you’re using a phone or tablet for long periods at a time – and, let’s face it, we all do – then the stand you’re using it with should accommodate this and alleviate you of postural strain. 

Built to last

A sure sign of quality across all industries and crafts is longevity; being built so well that it lasts an age and doesn’t wear easily. A good phone stand will be able to stand the test of time and remain usable for years. A cheap, brittle stand may seem like the smarter choice in the short term, but when corners are cut, build quality suffers, and so does your experience using it. Our phone and tablet stands are sturdy, robust pieces made from the finest materials. Once you hold one in your hand, all others will pale in comparison. 


The best mobile phone stands must be stylish. While stands are primarily designed to serve a functional purpose, they’re an item that becomes almost an accessory in your home. We use phone and tablet stands for long periods at a time, and they may become a permanent fixture in your household. The marker of a high-quality phone stand is one that looks elegant by itself, but also blends well with your home decor. Of course, it’s not the focal point of your home, but it should be aesthetically pleasing. In many ways, it’s analogous to a television stand. It’s not the focus of the room, but it’s always there when you’re watching TV – the last thing you want is for it to stick out like a sore thumb. 


A good phone stand will be usable in a number of different situations and locations – being multi-purpose is a sign that the designers have really put thought and care into both their product and their customers. For example, our pillow stand, as the name suggests, is primarily designed for use with a pillow. It comes with a strap which fastens around any pillow or cushion to make using your tablet for long as comfortable as possible. It also makes for an excellent desk stand; it works equally well when used in an office, on a coffee table, and in the kitchen. 
When deciding on a phone and tablet stand, considering the criteria we’ve laid out to ensure that your purchase is the best possible phone stand for you. Whether you’re a young professional, a parent with a busy household, or someone with a keen eye for design, we’ve got you covered. We care so deeply about quality that it goes without saying, but all of our products tick every box we’ve mentioned. Head over to our product page to find the right smart device stand for you.