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The SLYK Collection

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Unique phone and tablet stands and Apple charging stations for the smart home. Our collection of stands & charging docks are designed with the modern family in mind. Buy the whole collection at a massive discount by pre-ordering now. 

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Comfort meets innovative design in our phone and tablet stands and charging stations

Pre-order Now

Our Apple-certified collection of phone stands and a charging station launched in 2019. Be one of the first families to own this amazing set of home appliances. By ordering today, you will secure the limited-time discount of 36% off the RRP. It's a thank you from all of us at SLYK for helping us launch our beautiful, elegant and innovative products.

We believe with the SLYK Collection we have solved the biggest problems of charging multiple devices and supporting them around your home. No more cables, no more mess, totally hands-free.

iPhone and iPad Stands

All SLYK products are designed to last. They are also designed to be simple, elegant, robust and to blend into the modern family home. We are always looking to improve our products, but we believe we have found unique solutions to the challenges that most families face in managing their multiple phones and tablets.

At SLYK, we make products for Apple devices specifically, but recognise that occasionally another product might need charging in the household, so we add that capability. Our tablet and phone stands are designed to support devices from any manufacturer. We use remarkable nano-suction pads which are capable of holding devices of all sizes firmly and securely.

Stands and Holders for Tablets and Phones

  • Elegant, simple, attractive designs
  • Built to last, practical and robust
  • Innovative designs, using high-quality materials
  • Built for use by all the family - simple, safe and easy to use
  • Unique designs, EU Registered or Patent-pending.
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