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Floor Stand

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When you need an elevated holding position for your smart device, the SLYK Floor Stand becomes the perfect home accessory. Whether in bed, seated, or standing, and when there is no suitable horizontal surface, our unique, height-adjustable floor stand provides the perfect support for your device. Watch movies or make video calls in genuine comfort, hands-free, and easily.

*Pre-ordering SLYK products secures exceptional Pre-Order discounts, which will not be available after the product is generally available. Product availability dates are based on currently planned manufacturing schedules and subject to change.  If availability dates do change we will inform you, and if a date is delayed we will offer you the option of a full refund for the products you have pre-ordered, that have been delayed.

Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 32 × 69 × 6.83 cm

The perfect aid to restful sleep – the floor stand that works whilst you are in bed.

Cleverly designed for those harder to reach places

The SLYK® Floor Stand was initially designed for the bedroom. It allows devices to be ideally positioned in front of a person in bed thanks to the overhanging arm and adjustable height of the stand. Easy to rotate for portrait or landscape use as required, there is no need to hold your tablet on your chest anymore, or wedge it against the headboard, or twist your neck to view the device on the bedside table.


In development and testing, we realised that the stand serves many purposes where a horizontal surface or wall is not available. Hence our Bedroom Stand became our Floor Stand. Easy to use across your home, wherever you need it.

Engineered to work, made to last

Designed and engineered using the finest stainless steel, our adjustable phone and tablet floor stand is robust and versatile. It is light enough to be manageable, but heavy enough to support devices in its extended position.

Like the other SLYK phone and tablet stands, it effortlessly switches switched between portrait and landscape modes, and has the flexible arm to allow the perfect viewing angle. A cleverly designed height adjustment system that allows you to set it easily, quickly and securely across a range of heights to cover any usage scenarios.

Our adjustable tablet and phone floor stand - convenient, solid and flexible

  • Fully adjustable, floor-standing stainless steel construction, with a silicone-covered base
  • Provides an ‘over-reaching’ device support option, where no other suitable surface can be used to position a stand beside a bed, chair, table, kitchen worktop, or for use whilst standing.
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