I hope you’re having a lovely morning, afternoon, or evening. I talk about juggling this week, not in the way clowns perform at a circus when they’re juggling in a smooth-running routine but juggling from one job to the next to fit everything in. In our busy lives, it sometimes feels we are spinning plates, rushing from one pole to another. It is not as organised as juggling, as juggling is systematic.

For me, it’s ridiculous o’clock, up at all hours trying to get all done. Plus, I can think better when all is quiet. I can concentrate without being disturbed. Do all those silly things you do when left alone. For me, that would be singing because no one awake would want to hear that, even my dogs howl and run for the back door.

For a short time, while I’m alone, I occasionally wander off into a world of my own, drifting in and out of comforting serenity images to oh gosh I need more than 24 hours in a day. I am in a juxtaposition of pure beauty and horror scenarios. I sit motionless in deep thought, thinking about everything and nothing whilst staring out of my kitchen window knowing the sun will be rising soon. The musical sound of the bird’s first call will be heard as they freely fly high in the sky welcoming in the new day. So before my eyelids shut for a few hours let me begin by telling you a little about myself.

I am not an author, to be brutally honest I don’t really enjoy writing much at all. I write as I think, instead of English my hubby calls it Hilslish that does amuse me because I think faster than the speed of the growth of an infant’s first year. My brain is like a network of overloading ideas that I want to share with you all at once, my writing and talking can’t keep up with my thoughts, so you’ll receive my BLOG in the Hilslish style. Saying all that, I do write a lot of those to-do lists, I am more controlled with them because they are necessary to function and to be organised in some manner. They help you remember what needs doing and it feels fantastic to see a list with full ticks, maybe. The trouble is with to-do lists, you uncontrollably continue to add to them, they are never-ending yet always seem to be growing, we all have those lists a!

On the other hand, I may not enjoy putting pen to paper but I do like to tell a story, I can’t speak to you through my BLOG so writing it is. I may even add in a joke or two, I like a bit of humour. Fun and laughter brightens up the day for everyone, me too, that’s if I’m not catching up on my missed sleep during a sensible time. Whatever time it is ‘smiling’ makes you feel happy so smile all day.

There are ways of cutting down the workload, I know if I carry on to be forever busy, I will burnout. For me, there’s house chores which in itself is never-ending. The gardening and with many flower beds that in itself is a 24/7 requirement. I also help my daughters in their salon business which normally means washing all the towels. Looking after the grand kiddies occasionally, I love them to bits ‘but wow’ they are a handful and always on the go, they have so much energy even 2 hours of babysitting seems like 20 hours. There is my SLYK work involvement and commitment, now including Spouse’s Diary. A social life, what’s that? I can’t even escape sometimes to have a video chat with family and friends. Something has to give. I prefer to do a few jobs well rather than a lot of jobs that are not so well. A jack of all trades – master of none’ comes to mind, so bye-bye to some things.

Cut down on the daily juggling routines.
How do you do that and fit everything in?
Easy really.

1, Accept help. Learn to say “yes please”

2, Delegate where you can. This is not exploiting people. Your family, friends, work companions, people you know also people you know of, you’ll find that some people actually like to offer their support and contribution. This is called teamwork. You don’t have to battle on alone.

3, Make sure you have those well-needed rest bites, take a short break, sit back with your feet up, sipping a chilled glass of whatever takes your fancy or enjoy a nice hot brew, flip through that forgotten magazine, or complete the crossword puzzle you put down a day or two ago. You will feel you can cope with your next onslaught of chores and duties and cope well. Recharge then soldier on.

4, Hey, something’s can actually wait until tomorrow.

In my closing paragraph, I am going to leave you with an experiment to do. Now that you are relaxed knowing you can deal with your day and that juggling jobs and responsibilities in your daily life does not have to be so much of an issue. Well, that’s what I tell myself.
Ok, try this:-

Hold your mobile phone, in the way you usually do. With your resting hand, remove your phone keeping your phone holding hand stationary.

Now, look at the position of that hand for a short time. I will discuss this with you next week.


For now have much peace, harmony, and a fun-filled, positive, productive, or chilled day.