While stocking fillers and novelty gifts are fun, buying a well-thought-out gift really shows that you care. Let’s face it, no one really wants to open a present on Christmas day only to find socks or candles inside. Looking for gifts for him? We’ve got you covered. Gifts for her? Ditto. Here’s why our products make perfect gifts for your home. 

Living Room

We’ll start in the living room – the hub of any home. If you’re reading this, you probably enjoy spending time on the sofa using your tablet of an evening. Whether it be watching an episode of your favourite show, playing games, or simply surfing the web, it’s important that you’re not only comfortable, but also have good posture. Poor posture from being hunched over our phones and tablets is a modern epidemic, and our smart device stands aim to correct it. They’re ergonomically designed to promote better posture and a healthier spine. For example, our pillow stand can make the most out of any pillow or cushion you have, transforming it into the ultimate portable stand. 


There’s nothing better than being tucked up in bed and watching your favourite show. The problem is, it’s not particularly comfortable for long. You either have to hold your phone or tablet or prop it up on the covers or cushion, only for it to fall over every time you move. Even worse, you have to hold your phone in the air, only to inevitably drop it on your face. Plus, you’re probably straining to see the screen from your reclined position, making for a horrible viewing experience. 
Enter our sleek floor stand: with its arm that reaches over the bed, it can hold your smart device in place in an ideal position. You can adjust the height and set it to the optimal viewing angle, so you can move freely without worrying about knocking your tablet over. Similarly, our pillow stand fastens around any pillow or cushion, allowing for an upright viewing angle at all times. A modern solution for your modern comfort needs.


Smartphones and tablets make great companions in the kitchen, and they deserve the right stand. If you’ve tried to use your smart device for help in the kitchen, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when it’s laid flat on the worktop and having to lean directly over it to read your instructions. Our table & wall stand allows you to follow recipes, look at pictures, and watch instructional videos from a comfortable viewing angle of your choice. All without getting flour, butter or oil on your beloved smart device. If you’re looking to up your culinary game, then a SLYK stand could be the perfect gift for you. 


We see it far too often – the old and the young alike – people using their devices laid flat on the surface of a desk. This promotes excessive hunching which, as we’ve mentioned, wreaks havoc on your posture. Do your neck a favour and invest in one of our stands. By allowing you to lift your head up while using your device, it means that your spine is properly aligned. In fact, sitting with good posture means you’ll be more productive too. Once you’ve tried a SLYK stand, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. 


You probably don’t associate phone and tablet use with the bathroom, but we think that people are missing out. Our waterproof bathroom stand makes it possible to safely use your device while in the bathroom. You can catch up on the latest news while getting ready for work in the morning, or unwind with your favourite show while taking a relaxing bath in the evening. It’s designed so that your device fits securely and there’s no chance of it slipping away – very handy when using it around water! You no longer have to prop your tablet up haphazardly on items you find lying around, at risk of being splashed or dropped. 
Still not convinced? Check out our range of products to find the right stand for you – we have something for everyone. Here are SLYK, we’re committed to making products that not only serve a functional purpose, but also play an aesthetic role in your home. Tech accessories don’t have to be dull or immature, and our products prove that.