Well, let me start off by saying how pleased I am with myself today. All my Christmas shopping gifts got and nearly wrapped, phew, which is why I have been unable to chat to you for a short while. It’s been slightly difficult with fewer shops open but online shopping has helped tremendously, although, I prefer to go out and actually shop. Call me old-fashioned or tech dumb but I am a traditional type of lady who likes to be amongst the shoppers.

Whilst getting on with my everyday life activities and chores, I have also been extremely busy working on SLYK. We are delighted that our products are selling well and that we are offering our SLYK Black Friday deals. This offer runs up until Friday the 27th of November 2020. Our choices of hands-free stands will make a perfect gift for that someone special to you or gift one to yourself, why not spoil yourself.
Commitment, what does it literally mean? For me, it’s managing a situation with determination and dedication, whether it be a long term or short term goal. The definition of commitment is to make a promise or a firm decision to do something. To MAKE a commitment. To GIVE a commitment. To HONOUR a commitment. Basically, it is TO DO.
Our family-run SLYK business, I say family as all our immediate family, including some of our grandchildren, play a role, we also have very committed friends working with us so it’s more of a team but we all work well together as one big happy family, as it should be, well most of the time lol. We all make commitments daily. We do what we can to bring comfort to you in your homes with our products with pleasure.
I am committed to my husband, the founder of SLYK, as he is to me. After 40 years of marriage, that has got to be a top commitment I would say. We both decided five years ago to be committed to our family business and we haven’t looked back and regretted a thing. We definitely could have or should have done things differently, but hey, we learn by our mistakes and make progress as we venture onwards and upwards. Running a business from scratch comes with its ups and downs but best not to dwell too much on the past but to look forward to blossoming in the future ahead.
Let me give you one example of husband and wife business commitment. Occasionally the pressures on, let me explain. Sometimes the workload is overwhelming and let’s face it, after all, we are only humans and emotions can fly high, even when we’re trying to control them.
Here we go. One sunny afternoon, chilly as it was, I decided to take a breather, I hadn’t stopped all day and needed 20 minutes of nothingness and quietness. My selfish side came out, I poured myself a cuppa and sneaked off to my hidden sanctuary hoping not to be disturbed. As I sat down with my feet up, sipping my tea, relaxing my tension-filled and stressed muscles, sinking into my comfy zone taking it nice and easy, my eyelids half shutting as they feel so heavy. A welcoming satisfying sigh of relief unfolds and I’m loving the moment. I totally switch off, allowing my brain to drift into a world of meditation, ahhhhh pure bliss then BOOM five minutes later hubby finds me. Shock, horror, back to reality in no time. He asks me to help him do something and that it needs to be done immediately as it’s important. Well, you can imagine how I felt. Inside I was shaking with annoyance. I imagined my face pulling a leave me alone look, like a bulldog chewing a wasp, I wanted to scream, shout and swear at him, but no, I simply just stared at him with a semi smile and said “yes darling, of course” Not that I’m a Yes Sir, No Sir wife but it’s because it is the commitment working together needs and that some sacrifices need to be made, even occasionally those resting ones.
Today, I have had fun. I decided to make a SLYK Christmas Hamper, a hamper with a difference. It is not your original Xmas puds, chocolates, wines, and cheeses, or alternatively, a hamper of soaps and perfumes NO NO NO it is three, yes I said “three” of our SLYK stands. Our table/wall stand, our bathroom stand, and last but not least our pillow stand, what a great hamper for anyone to have. We will be running a completion for one lucky SLYK hamper winner on our SLYK Facebook page in December. If you’re not already, come along and join us there for a chance to own this spectacular prize from us. You have to be in it to win it 😉 let’s have some festive fun.
On my closing paragraph, I’m going to be blunt and ask if anyone who has a business and would like to collaborate with SLYK? Please get in contact with our team and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can. We’d love to hear from anyone who thinks their business is similar to ours who might like to work with us to help each other expand. If someone you know of might like to collaborate with SLYK, feel free to pass on the message.
Contact us at contact@slyk.co.uk
Have a great day. Smile at every smiling opportunity as being happy is good for you. Most importantly – stay safe.


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