Smart technology has been the buzzword of the last decade. First it was smartphones, then it was smart TVs. Now we have smartwatches, smart thermostats, smart doorbells, and even smart fridges! Pretty soon, every aspect of our lives will have a smart device that can make things better. Smart technology is designed to make our lives easier, and smart home technology can take care of some of the burdens that are part of day-to-day living. While everyone can benefit from the wonders of smart technology, one demographic that can benefit in particular is the older generation. Here are our picks for the best smart home devices for the elderly. 

Virtual Assistants – Google Home

Virtual assistants for the home have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years since Amazon’s Echo launched in 2014 with their voice assistant Alexa. Since then, a number of other devices have hit the market with great success, such as Google Home and Apple’s Homepod. Our pick will have to be the Google Home because the Google Assistant is simply fantastic. Using just the power of your voice, you can use virtual assistants to perform a range of tasks, from checking your calendar to setting reminders and alarms, and even sending messages. 
Being voice-controlled means that they’re accessible to anyone, regardless of physical dexterity. For the older generation, this can be extremely helpful, as they do not have to repeatedly move about to complete simple tasks.  
Better yet, virtual assistants allow you to control almost all of the devices that will feature on this list (and many, many more!). Virtual assistants are the nexus of our smart tech universe. 

Wearable Trackers – Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch which can track things such as calories burned, steps taken, and heart rate (as well as tell the time!). It can send you notifications if your heart rate goes above or below a certain threshold, giving you and your loved ones’ peace of mind. 
It can also perform an ECG (electrocardiogram) and check for irregular heartbeats, and share this data with your doctor. Not only that, the Apple Watch has a fall detection feature too. If it detects that you’ve had a fall, it will give you the option to notify your emergency contacts or the Emergency Services, providing them with your exact location. If you have a really bad fall and are unresponsive, it will trigger the alert automatically after 60 seconds. 
The Apple Watch marks a revolution in personal health tracking and provides older people and their families with a sense of security like few devices can. 

Video Doorbell – Ring Doorbell

This handy little gadget adds security and convenience to your life – as all good technology should. Many smart video doorbells have a small, built-in camera so that when someone rings, a live camera feed will come through to your phone and tablet. This allows older people to check who is there without having to open the door or having to squint through the tiny peephole. 
The Ring Doorbell also allows you to talk to the person at the door from wherever you are in the house. There’s no need to rush and shout “I’ll be there in a minute!” across the house, just to find out that it’s a delivery – simply tell them to leave the package at the door, and you can collect it at your leisure. 

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Ecovacs Deebot N79S

While some people enjoy vacuuming, for others it’s a pain. As we get older, we deserve to take it easy and skip the jobs that we find tedious. Of course, we’re not saying that vacuuming should never be done after we reach a certain age, but instead, smart technology should come to our aid. 
The Ecovacs Deebot N79S is an affordable robotic vacuum cleaner that autonomously moves around your house to clean it. It can also be controlled with a virtual voice assistant such as the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Simply tell it to start cleaning and off it goes! 

Smart Oven – Miele Discovery H2265B

You may think that an oven is a strange appliance to make ‘smart’, but the Miele Discovery H2265B provides excellent cooking enhancements and safety features. For instance, it can maintain the temperature you choose to within just one degree, ensuring accurate cooking with every use. 
The most impressive feature from a safety perspective by far is the ability to set it to turn off once the food is cooked. The leading cause of household fires is ovens and stoves being left on and unattended. With this feature, you can rest easy knowing that your food won’t burst into flames if you take a nap or miss the timer sounding. 

Smart Motion Sensor – Fibaro

The Smart Motion Sensors from Fibaro are very smart indeed. They are essentially motion detectors that are dotted around your home and can help control things like lighting and heating in each room. It can learn your daily routine and help kickstart your morning. For example, when it detects you waking up and getting out of bed, it can trigger the lights to turn on in your bedroom and kitchen so that you can make breakfast without fumbling around in the dark for the light switch. 
Aside from the convenience this brings, it also serves as a safety device. The device can send you notifications straight to your smartphone, notifying you of any unusual movement. In this sense, it makes not only a great burglar alarm, but also a kind of ‘guardian angel’ for those who may be prone to falling or having accidents. If the motion sensor detects a deviation from your routine, such as no movement anywhere in the house at a time when you would usually be up and about, it can notify a loved one. So, if you do happen to suffer a fall and are unable to get up, you won’t be left lying there in pain for too long – the smart sensors will send help! 
We think you’ll agree that these pieces of smart tech are great aides for the older generation. Our very own SLYK device stands also make great additions to any household. Use your tablet in a comfortable viewing position wherever you are with our table stand, or relax and recline in bed using our floor stand for added comfort. Here at SLYK, we’re all about bringing comfort to the smart way of living. Browse our entire product range to find the right home accessory for you or your older loved ones.